Success Stories

You add value to people when you value them

Cindy Dempsey

I joined Emily and Hayden on this journey in November of 2016. Although I had previous experience in network marketing I could never have imagined the success I have had in such a short time. My two daughters and my husband joined me on this journey of a lifetime. The products have been literally life changing for us. I personally was experiencing extreme mood swings, lack of energy and weight gain. After six months of using the products along with introducing others to the business and the solutions I have seen amazing results. I no longer suffer from mood swings, my brain fog has lifted, I have released over 20 lbs and have energy to last the whole day. My families financial blueprint has changed for the better. In less than 6 months we have been able to pay off over 25 thousand in debt along with growing a nest egg for the future.

Zack Sikich

I was a small business owner and coach hustling to pay for the lifestyle that I desired. I loved what I did but as a new father I was frustrated choosing between making progress in our business and being present and involved with my family.  I was unsure about what our future looked like because my number one priority was being a great father and what I was currently doing wasn't going to work by itself.. I knew something had to change. During this time I saw guys like me achieving awesome financial success all while being able to invest more time with their families. I didn't understand exactly how it all worked, I still had many questions but I took the first steps and said YES. Thats always been my motto as an entrepreneur. Say yes then figure it out. Saying YES and embracing this opportunity has been the best business decision that I have made for these reasons. We have been able to create a substantial  income producing asset that has earned our family many luxuries as well as time freedom in my other businesses. I am able to be with with my kids and wife whenever I choose. If I am working it is a choice. This time at home has given my wife Jessica an opportunity to focus on her personal growth. I am so proud of everything she was done. Finally, we have been introduced and bonded on a deep level with absolutely awesome people. The culture of this business attracts special amazing spirits.  With these friends and business partners,  I am proud to be part of a massive global movement and am certain that I am creating a legacy of service and abundance for my family. 

Jessica Sikich

I was an exhausted stay at home mom of 2 toddlers. I was frustrated with the lack of change in my post baby body and overwhelmed with the daily stress and fatigue that comes from being a mother. My husband Zach shared Isagenix with me and now, after 4 years of using the nutrition daily I have natural energy each day. I lost the baby weight plus more AND put on 10lbs of Lena muscle. Most importantly though, my stress leveled have gone down and my confidence has increased which has allowed me to be a more present and joyful wife, mother and friend. I believe that EVERYONE deserves to find that light inside of them that ignites their passion for life again!!!!

Dustin & Angie Christen

Growing up, we both had been multi-sport athletes, so we knew what it felt like to be healthy and in shape. It hit us once we graduated college that we had lost track of our health and fitness - just like many people do once they get into the ‘real world’ and start their jobs. After trying to meal prep healthy meals we quickly realized that it was expensive and very time consuming, so we decided to look into supplementing in quality nutrition with the Isagenix system to make life easier. During the same time we were switching up our nutrition, Dustin was looking in to heading back to graduate school to get is Doctorate in Physical Therapy to further pursue is passions of helping others achieve optimal wellness. Long story short, after being accepted into the program he received notification that the program fell through shortly before the school year was about to begin. We were forced to reevaluate our future and had to ask ourselves - if we continue our career paths will it allow us to live the life of travel and time freedom like we hoped, or was it going to put us even deeper into debt that we wouldn’t be able to do the things that we enjoy? We decided it was time to find a better way to make our dream life a reality.      By this time we had already fallen in love with the increased natural energy and performance that the Isagenix system had provided us that we decided to listen to Dustin’s college football teammate, Hayden Vavra, about the career opportunity with Isagenix. It aligned so well with our love for helping others from a wellness standpoint and Dustin saw this as a way to help people prevent injuries instead of rehabilitating them like he would have been doing as a Physical Therapist. It was an instant fit and we haven’t looked back. Now after three years, we earn more in one week than we used to in two weeks in our 9-5 jobs, which is a true testament to how many lives are being blessed with optimal health and quality nutrition! We are so excited to continue helping people achieve their health goals and live each day on their own terms!

Brandon & Jessica Dosch

Our Isagenix story started like most people, we were looking for a change since what we were doing was not working. I started out because I had a few sticky pounds to lose after having our first child. I tried almost everything under the sun when it came to "diets" or the next greatest thing. After many failed attempts I finally reached out to our dear friends Emily and Hayden since I had been watching them for the last 4 years and really felt like I had nothing to lose at this point. Brandon on the other hand thought he knew it all and was on a mission to prove that this was just another "thing". He let life happen for a little too long, and he had gained 25-30lbs after graduating college. Lets just say what he was doing definitely wasn't working and could use some help. Like many, within just a few days of being on the products we both started to feel SO much better from the inside-out! We were both able to release the weight we wanted, but more than that our energy levels sky rocketed and we were able to keep up with our daughter Alivia and be the present parents/spouses that our family deserved. While we were experiencing these amazing results the people around us took notice and started asking us what we were doing differently. We shared with many friends and family and then got to watch first hand their lives transform as well. This was when we realized that what we were sharing was truly a "gift". At this point we have been on the products for 3-4 months. Been seeing unbelievable results all around us, but the coolest thing is we started meeting and hanging around some amazing people that expanded our outlook on life and showed us what could be possible if we took this opportunity serious. We definitely have not been the fasting growing business, but we are forever grateful for what Isagenix has done for us these past 3 years. It has allowed us to fulfill some of our dreams much sooner than ever thought possible. The major one for us is having the option to stay at home with our kids. Finically before this would have never been an option, but little over a year into starting and having our second child Grayson we were able to replace my income and blessed with the option to stay at home and not have go back to work. As we continue to grow and our Vision keeps expanding we are so incredibly excited for the future knowing that many more families are going to be impacted and lives are forever going to be changed. We couldn’t be more proud of the team and can’t Thank Emily and Hayden enough for what they have done and what they are doing for the industry.

Marina Peterson

Dennis my soulmate of 30 + years and I raised 5 beautiful kids & now 8 grandchildren-the love of our lives! Even though we both had careers that we loved and were passionate about, we worked really hard so we could give our family the life we dreamed about and do anything to make our kids life better. As a ER RN for 30 years ( which I Loved) I worked crazy long hours, many weekends and missed out on a lot of priorities in our life... holidays, family gatherings and lots of other important things because I was stuck on a schedule that was like a hamster wheel!! Then 15 years ago our family was struck by tragedy... something that know one ever feels would happen to them... our 19 year old son was killed instantly in a tragic accident.. we were stopped dead in our tracks. Our life changed from that moment forward. I needed to prioritize what was the most important for us to survive and be able to live again. For the next few years we went into survival mode.. with that came a whole list of unhealthy habits. I was exhausted, sluggish and had packed on extra pounds and feeling completely overwhelmed, defeated, financially drained and completely stuck in life. I had lost hope. Four years ago I was introduced to Isagenix by lifelong friends Emily & Hayden. I had never heard of Isagenix and really didn't know much about superfood nutrition but I trusted her and started one of our systems... With in the 1st week I experienced results that made me wonder if "these Superfoods" were legal. I tell people still it's like I swallowed a sparkler and lit up!! My energy came back. I was SO HAPPY..because I felt like I was 30 again... and the side effect was that I released 35 pounds and got "me" back again....the moment I realized that I had HOPE again I knew I had to share this gift that had been given to me and the rest is history.... people were noticing that something was different I had a new pep in my step and they wanted in!!! I will never stop sharing this incredible gift!! I retired from my Nursing career 15 years early and still do what I love and what I've always been passionate about and that is to help people live their BEST Life!!! I am forever grateful for the leadership that Hayden & Emily continually pour into our Team! It has forever changed our lives and thousands of others.